Remodeling the Master Bathroom

Remodeling the home is always a strong option for any modern homeowner. Not only can remodeling give a room aesthetic appeal and new features, but it can also improve the resale value of a home, making remodeling a great investment, since the will be more attractive on the housing market should it end up there. The living room, kitchen, bedrooms, and the bathrooms, including the master bathroom of larger homes, are all up for remodeling. Once a homeowner has decided to remodel, and has decided what the new decor and features will be like, contractors can be hired to come in, get to work, and make the new bathroom a reality. The bathroom, in particular, may feel like a simple and mundane room at first thought, but unique master bathrooms can be a very pleasant and desirable room to have.Unique master bathrooms can take nearly any form a homeowner can imagine. One can ask “What will my bathroom remodel cost?” That will vary based on the extent of the work being done, but contractors should provide an estimate of the cost up front. They can use a bathroom remodel cost estimator to figure out the final bill.

How to Remodel

A unique master bathroom will be the result of a well thought out, carefully planned design that the homeowner comes up with, but if desired, a professional can be contacted who will design the bathroom, or a homeowner can even get ideas online, such as on Pinterest or remodeling forums. A homeowner may even mix and match different ideas for surfaces, color, and features from different sources before they hire bathroom remodeling contractors. There are practically no limits to how this part of the process can be done, and the sheer flexibility and personal design involved can be great fun and rewarding.

Once a final design is concocted one way or another, it is time to look for contractors for the job. More than one contractor company may be available locally; in this case, the homeowner can contact each of them and inquire about prices, materials used, hours of operation, and contact information to speak to previous customers. In the latter case, getting previous customer reviews is important for getting an inside look at how well a contractor works. And once a contractor is chosen, a unique master bathroom is not far off.

The arrangement of electrical wires and plumbing is something to consider when remodeling unique master bathrooms. Rerouting, removing, or adding pipes and wires can be costly and take some time, so if the homeowner wants to cut costs, he or she is advised to merely update toilets, sinks, and baths or showers rather than move them around. However, if truly desired, and the budget allows, a homeowner certainly can rearrange, add, or remove features such as showers, sinks, toilets, and electrical outlets or lights.

Once the location and identity of each item is determined, existing features and items can be replaced or re-surfaced for new aesthetics. Tiles can be removed and replaced both on the walls and floor, old lighting fixtures can be replaced with newer ones, and the tub may get a new layer of enamel or paint to look fresh again. Shower heads can be updated, and the sink’s faucet and handles can get swapped out, too, or even the entire sink to make it bigger or smaller or merely change the shape or material. For elderly homeowners, a standard bathtub can be replaced with the type that has a hinged door on the side, eliminating the need to climb over a tub’s walls to get in. Senior citizens and other people with movement difficulties will almost certainly want to invest in this, and a brand new tub with such a door will be aesthetically pleasing, too. A regular shower head can be replaced with the detachable type connected by a hose, allowing the user to move the head around the body as needed, and such shower heads can give off a lot of water at once and have attractive metal or plastic coating, and may have many features for how they give off water. Unique master bathrooms can be beautiful as well as convenient and safe.

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