What are the top target areas for your home remodel that will make you feel even better about your investment

There are many more reasons to call remodeling companies than just to repair damages that might have turned your home into something you’re less than proud of. In fact, remodeling contractors are specially equipped to help you help you fall more in love with that home you decided to invest in so long ago now. Why wait until there is a reason for home remodeling and why not get on the phone with remodeling companies today to breath a new life into the walls that make up the dwelling you’ve invested so much time and money into. Here are the top remodels that keep remodeling contractors Portland, Oregon on their toes with constant projects.

Bathroom facelift

Considering that your bathroom is one of the rooms in your home that you see most often they are also the rooms that we frequently get sick of the fastest. While a midrange bathroom remodel costs just about $19,000 and an upscale remodel can be upwards of $61,000, they are quite often the rooms that need the most help and the rooms that most homeowners are finding themselves gravitating to custom design build necessities. Re doing your bathroom can give you a new confidence and give you a breath of fresh air that your home may have been in desperate need of before. It’s more than just picking some pretty paint to put up on the walls. A bathroom remodel consists of completely changing your bath, shower, and sinks into spaces that you can take pride into getting ready at in the mornings.

Kitchen Concerns

81% of the remodels that are done in homes are mostly on kitchens. Seeing as your kitchen is a room that you spend time in and make quite a few memories with it is always important to make sure that your kitchen is one of the most up to date rooms in your home. They say that cooking in a kitchen that you truly enjoy will even make the food taste better. We’re not sure if that is entirely true, but it will make for better photographs to be taken in while you’re frosting that messy cake for the third try. Remodeling companies find themselves constantly appeasing even the pickiest of homeowners with their kitchen designs. If you find yourself staying out of your kitchen just because you simply don’t enjoy looking at it, than finding some remodeling companies to take a look and show you all that the busy room in your house can be is an important step of being a homeowner.

Basement Bumbles

Another one of those popular remodel projects is the basement. Many homes, when first put on the market, do not have that finished basement that most homeowners dream of. Weather you need the basement finished for more bedrooms, or your in-laws need a space to stay or even if you’ve simply always dreamed of putting that in home bar to entertain your friends in, a basement remodel could be the next item on your list to make your home what you really need.

A home remodel should come whenever you’re ready to change the look of your living space. It isn’t only new homeowners that find themselves making changes to the dwellings that they’ve bought either. In 2017 studies showed that baby boomers and older homeowners in the 55+ range were the ones spending three times as much as millennial homeowners on constructions and repairs to their homes. Before you think that it’s too late to make your home the one that you’ve been dreaming of since you walked into it for the very first time, contact some of the remodeling companies in your area and get your project started today. It’s never to late to make sure your home is the space that you love to be the most.

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