ICF Building Blocks, The Home Construction Material You Need To Know About

Why Should you Choose ICF Building Blocks?

When planning a home construction project, few things are as important as the materials you choose to build with. For new homes you want materials that will allow you to have even temperatures throughout the home, insulation from outside noise, and overall healthy inside air. ICF blocks can give you all these benefits and more.

What Are ICFs?

Insulating Concrete Forms are essentially hollow blocks made of foam that are placed around the shape of the exterior of the new home. They are then reinforced with rebar, and filled up with concrete to set. ICFs take advantage of high quality insulation materials that contribute to the overall better feeling inside the home once it is complete.

The Benefits of ICF Building Blocks

  • Healthier air. Indoor air quality is more important than many people realize, and it can help alleviate many breathing issues if it can be kept at a healthy level. ICF blocks help contribute towards keeping the air inside the home high quality all year round. These blocks form a tight exterior barrier that prevents air infiltration. This means you have better control over the air in your home, as well as the overall temperature. Because they are made up of solid concrete cores, substantial energy is required to cause temperature fluctuations, and it eliminates any way for air to leak out from inside the home. This also means you can expect to see lower energy bills. The U.S. Department of Housing and urban Development estimates that homes with ICF walls save 20 to 25% on yearly heating and cooling costs.
  • Peace and quiet. The insulation provided by the concrete provides protection from outside noise interference. This can be especially beneficial if you live in the city or suburbs. The sound that is allowed through can be as low as less than one third what wooden framed houses exhibit. If you want to create a home that truly has a peaceful, personal sanctuary feel, ICF building blocks are the way to go.
  • Any type of home. ICF building blocks can also be used to create any type of home exterior. They can be used under siding, brick, stucco, and many more without issue. This means you won’t have to sacrifice the exterior you want just to benefit from this material.
  • Safety. These blocks are also secure enough to withstand even tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes. If you live in an area that is prone to these natural occurrences, ICF blocks may be a material to take into consideration, if not for the above benefits, but for the safety it can bring.
  • Eco-friendly. Wood frame homes obviously use wood as their primary construction material. ICF blocks are comprised of foam and concrete, meaning a standard home constructed with this material can save up to 10 trees from having to be cut down. If you are conscious about the environment, this can be a big selling point.

ICF building blocks are a vastly superior building material that is seeing more and more use every year. If you haven’t considered using this in construction before, I would strongly suggest making it a consideration.

If you are planning a new home construction, think about how your new home can benefit from this fantastic material. Not only will you save on energy costs, but the air quality and overall comfortable feeling of the home is hard to find with any other material. Additionally, if you live in areas that are prone to hurricanes or tornadoes, this material can help prevent your home from being completely devastated should the worst ever happen. ICF building blocks are an investment with benefits that you can reap for years and years to come.

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