Wood Paneling The Addition You’ve Needed In Your Home?

Looking for that new update to a room or piece of furniture that’s just lost its spark and you’re not quite sure how to improve? Perhaps the thought of stick on wood panels hasn’t crossed your mind yet. Or maybe you’re worried that you won’t get the desired look that you’re hoping for? Well get all of those preconceived notations out of your head because self adhering wall planks are the new way to add a different flavor to the rooms in your home that you might think have lost their luster. Before you find yourself shelling out money that you’d rather invest in something else try DIY wall planks to give your home some new texture.

Considering that hardwood trees can take over twenty years to grow back as usable materials, constantly cutting down trees for goods may not be the best outlook one could take on when it comes to changing their home. For those projects that need a new and fresh feel sometimes peel and stick paneling can do just that without spending an arm and a leg or damaging trees in the process.

That Bed Frame

The one that you’ve been laying on and staring at for years but just can’t seem to part with? Stick on wood panels can give it a whole new look while still keeping all of the integrity of the bed. If you’re looking to change your room into a rustic feeling all it takes is peel and stick wood to apply to that former frame and suddenly you’ve got a new bedroom to enjoy and take full advantage of being in. The best part is, you’ve done it all yourself.

Kitchen Worries

That island in the middle of your kitchen that as much as you love has scuff marks all over it from your children kicking or people accidentally walking into? Peel and stick planks can transform that area into something new and beautiful that you’ll be excited to show off to all of your friends. The best part? These sort of things can be replaced easily if you find that they get damaged with the scuffle and business of every day life. Simply take the broken pieces off and switch them with pieces that can stand up for weeks on end. It’s that easy.

That Wall In The Living Room

Have a wall that you’ve tired to paint multiple times but it just doesn’t seem to be a shade that you want? Why not a peel and stick wood accent wall? Adding a texture into your home with the spunk and pop of stick on wood panels means that you’re set for a whole new atmosphere in that living room that you won’t find yourself tiring of too fast. By giving your home a new pop with these shiplap planks you’re reinventing your home all by yourself without the addition of contractors coming in and making a mess.

Around The Bathroom Mirror

Peel and stick wood panels are perfect for framing an item that you’ve wanted to make pop for awhile now. Take the bathroom mirror for example. You can add a subtle pop to all of your important items all by yourself without going out and spending an arm and a leg on fancy frames that are only going to break in a matter of weeks. Instead, by doing this all yourself you’re making things that you can proudly say you did.

Don’t spend a fortune on interior designers, instead DIY with stick on wood panels that bring a new breath of fresh air into your home and into your life. You’ll be proud of everything that you were able to accomplish without help or assistance. It’s so easy that anyone can do it, but shh, that’s not a secret that you have to share. Show off the home that you love with all of the additions that you’ve made to it yourself. You’ll be even more proud of your home than you were when you first bought it this way. Who doesn’t like the thought of that feeling?

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