Water Damage Can Sneak Up On You Why You Should Be Checking Your Gutters And Basement In 2019

Mold damage isn’t just annoying. It’s time-consuming to both spot and clean.

This goes for smoke damage and water damage, too. Your first instinct might be to buckle down and do the job yourself, but there’s always a chance you won’t quite do it right. An emergency restoration service can make sure you’re doing a proper job deep cleaning and getting yourself back to square one. This includes mold remediation, water cleanup, and smoke damage repair. If you have an issue, you can be rest assured there are some reliable services available to help.

Here’s what you should do next time you’re facing the aftermath of a flood.

A single storm can seriously set you back financially. All it has to do is hit a little too hard. The vast majority of homes in the United States have the potential to flood, which doesn’t even scratch the surface of all the other forms of damage that can occur simultaneously. Wind damage, hail damage, fire damage…it’s just par for the course with Mother Nature. Cleaning up afterwards takes both time and energy, both of which you can be short on during the work week.

Let’s start off with flood damage. Even if you’re sure your home is sturdy enough to hold up to rain, it’s best to double-check so you’re not filing your most expensive insurance claim yet. A general rule-of-thumb is to clean your gutters at least twice per year. All 50 states, according to recent studies, have experienced floods or flash floods within the past five years. A quick look at your gutters and basement can go a long way in saving your sanity.

Mold damage can occur without a flood or a storm, however. A simple leak can slither beneath your floorboards and cause a problem right under your own nose. Of all homes with basements over 95% have experienced a form of water damage in the past. It takes just two days for mold to set in, with the longer things staying wet the more likely they are to be destroyed. A proactive attitude is necessary to keep all kinds of mold spores at bay.

Fire damage comes with its own frustrations and precautions. Your home needs to be protected at all times, as it only takes one spark to cause a fire that destroys your entire foundation. A fire alarm that keeps beeping or a sprinkler that hasn’t been inspected in years should be looked at the next chance you get. The National Fire Protection Association (or NFPA) has no record of a fire killing more than two people in a building with functioning sprinklers. It’s better to prevent a fire than to react to one.

There are several things you can do to keep mold damage or smoke damage from affecting your home. Your first order of business is to have your basement inspected, with crawl spaces and gutters added to the list just to be safe. You should also take another look at your fire prevention technology and make sure you’re not missing out on anything that could keep you safe. Last, but not least, it’s best to make inspections a yearly act. Emergency services, or a fire sprinkler installation professional, can offer you essential advice to get your home up to a safer standard.

A little goes a long way. Keep mold damage and water cleanup at bay by giving your home a full inspection this year.

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