LED Lighting VS HID Lighting

Is it time to begin looking at new lighting systems? Have you been wondering what the difference between HID and LED lighting is and what you could benefit from between the two? Before you go to stand in front of those wall pack light fixture options it is time to look at the difference between HID and LED lighting to make the difficult decision over which should be enhancing your home and which you should leave on the shelves for the next person to make the same difficult decisions over. If you are someone who deals with induction lighting and LED warehouse lighting often than familiarizing yourself with both of these options could provide you with a further understanding of the way your lights work.

Is The Warm Up Time Quick

Is there a fast warm-up time between HID and LED lighting? This is often a question that is asked when it comes to both types of lighting united and the answer is that they both have a relatively quick heat up time. Meaning that very quickly both types of lighting can be at full force and allow for the light you need to fill a room quickly and provide you with the ability to see or even light a surrounding area that you need lighted.

What Is Their Draw Of Power?

HDI lighting has an average power draw. It is not by any means a strong draw but it is an average one that uses about as much as any other light in your home or business would use. On the other hand, LED lighting has a very low power draw and will use up less energy than any of the other lighting that you light with inside your home. That wall pack light fixture will cost you less than your normal lighting fixture will and that could provide you the difference in electric bill that you’ve been looking and hoping for. Lighting is a serious percentage of your energy bill.

How Is The Lifespan Of These Lights?

The lifespan of both LED and HID lighting may seem like a lot to the average person, but if you’ve been in lighting for years and you know what you’re looking for than you know that the two hold major differences when it comes to your home. The HID lighting has a lifespan of roughly 5000 hours. Which in the grand scheme of your lighting may not seem like the longest time in the world. When you break it down that’s roughly only 208 days of light before they burn out and you need to replace them once again. That LED lighting on the other hand? The average lifespan is 25,000 hours. This number seems astronomically larger than those HID lights. This alone may be the thing to sway your vote.

How Is Instillation Time?

The instillation time between HID and LED is a big deal to many people. When your looking at that wall pack light fixture and need something that is going to go up both without hassle and without problem you need to be prepared for both options. You see, HID lighting takes about 60 minuets or more to fully install and get into place to be able to work with. LED lighting on the other hand you’re looking at about 30 minuets from start to finish to get everything assembled and put into place. The difference between the two is vast.

So the next time you find yourself standing in front of that wall pack light fixture and you’re tempted to lean a different way you should think back to your options and decide very carefully if the difference between HID and LED is an important case to you or if you want to stick with changing out those bulbs about as often as you have to go out and grocery shop. Consider your lighting very carefully and make the best decisions for your business and all of your clients instead of sticking any old lighting fixture up and calling it a day. LED lighting could literally change your view of the things around you.

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