Lighting Is A Powerful ToolAnd An Expensive One Today’s Best Commercial Lighting Alternatives

Lighting is a powerful resource. Just think about how often you use it in your day-to-day life.

You switch on the light to the bathroom in the middle of the night so you don’t stub your toe. You switch on your headlights when evening gets too dark and you’re still on the road. We rely on light so much, in fact, it’s easy to take it for granted…that is, until you’re presented with an astronomical energy bill. Fortunately for you and your establishment, wasting excess energy is truly a relic of the past. A stainless steel LED bollard or circuit board could be just what you’ve been looking for all this time.

Learn about the different forms lighting takes today and which one will suit your needs best.

The State Of Lighting Today

You’re far from the only establishment getting worried about energy bills. Lighting today is reaching astronomically high figures across all industries and functions. The U.S. Department Of Energy determined lighting accounts for over 10% of the energy usage in residential buildings as well as 20% in commercial. Recent statistics have gone so far as to suggest 20% of all electricity produced in the United States is used for lighting alone. Your average halogen bulbs might not be enough to give you what you need.

Accent Lighting In Homes

One of the forms lighting takes is accent lighting, found everywhere from residential properties to downtown restaurants. Designed to be both practical and appealing, accent lighting is often softer and meant to be less obtrusive. They can be light strings strung above a walkway or a table lamp positioned to accentuate, but not overpower, the local decor. This is going to be very different from energy efficient commercial lighting, especially when it comes to power. You need every last inch you can get to save on costs.

Functional Lighting In Buildings

Do you have a parking garage that needs to be well lit at all times? What about late-night workers that need reliable lighting to move in and out of the building? The corn cob LED and stainless steel LED bollard are staples for a reason, designed to provide the maximum light output over a long period of time. Induction lighting is known for its high efficiency, with as much as 60 or 70 lumens per watt. While HID headlights are 50% brighter than standard LEDs, LEDs last 10 times longer.

The Growth Of LED Lighting

This is one area you won’t want to overlook. The power of the LED can be found just about everywhere these days. It’s considered a must-have for promotional signs, since it doesn’t need to be replaced or maintained for long periods of time, and can easily slot into your school, agency, or business. LEDs use just 15% of the energy of your standard halogen bulb while providing 80% more light output. This is perfect for garage lighting, school fixtures, and any area that is frequented by staff or visitors.

Economic Benefits Of The Stainless Steel LED Bollard

You don’t have to struggle through faulty lighting any more. Instead of hoping your next replacement bulbs won’t die prematurely, make the switch to a stainless steel LED bollard that’s designed for the long haul. The average life expectancy of your fluorescent bulb and ballast is an astonishing 20,000 hours. The life expectancy of an LED tube, on the other hand, is nearly 50,000 hours. Imagine how much more money you could be saving not just from fewer replacements, but improved efficiency among your staff.

Light is one of your best tools. Give your workers and visitors something to look forward to with commercial LED lighting.

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