You Can’t Predict The Weather Perfectly, But You Can Stay Prepared Windows Manufacturers In Miami

Weather isn’t always predictable. Despite the best efforts of scientists around the world, the climate can throw a curveball that leaves an entire state reeling.

This is why it always pays to be prepared. When you provide your clients a means to push back against the weather, you give them more than just peace-of-mind. You ensure their investment is protected year-round, even in Florida’s notoriously uneven climate. Today’s sliding glass door systems, wholesale windows, and doors are can all be summed up with the impact glazing metric. When in doubt, it’s better to be too safe.

Floridian weather is seeing bad storms lately. Know what to look for in your wholesale windows and doors by looking below.

The only way to truly respect the might of a hurricane is to be familiar with its destruction. A single hurricane has the ability to stir up millions of miles of air, able to dump more than two trillion gallons of rain a day. Hurricanes are also able to spawn tornadoes. Hurricane Andrew back in 1992 spawned over 60, with some occurring days after landfall. The United States is home to legendary hurricanes and storms, all of which can be weathered with the aid of tough materials.

The 20th century was a difficult period for the country. Over 155 hurricanes would spawn throughout the United States, with most of them hitting Florida and Texas. The Atlantic hurricane season officially runs through June and November of each year, consistently enough to deserve its very own code. Hurricane Irma remains the most powerful in recorded history. This Category 5 storm boasted 185 mile per hour winds for nearly two days.

The modern day isn’t so different. Just two years ago over 10 incredible storms were spawned in a row, transforming into hurricanes in a feat that hasn’t happened since the 1800’s. Today several building codes have been constructed to better help homeowners and builders figure out preparation strategies. The Florida Building Code (or FBC) requires windows to be impact-resistant if they’re located within one mile of the coast. Wind speeds close to the ocean can reach up to 100 miles per hour or higher.

When searching for windows manufacturers in Miami Florida, not just any model will do. Learning how to choose hurricane proof windows means talking to those with certifications in storm-resistant products. Window and door systems today have an impact-resistant glazing system of +105/-130, which is able to withstand hurricane force winds of 100 miles per hour. This system should be extended impact sliding doors and any other areas of the home that could potentially break loose or cave in. There’s no such thing as too much safety.

Weather in Florida is starting to get worse as the country gets closer to winter. The first question you should ask your clients when searching for windows manufacturers in Miami Florida is about their building. Condos in Florida, for starters, are required to undergo public inspections every 40 years. While some may be perfectly up to date, they might still not be equipped with the right windows, doors, and shutters to withhold a storm. Whether luxury sliding glass doors or a simple window replacement, this little effort can transform a bad night into a passable one.

Instead of trying to predict the weather, stay prepared by looking for windows manufacturers in Miami Florida.

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