Boost Your Home Value with Professional Landscaping Services

For many homeowners, their yard is an extension of their home. When well cared for, a yard can even do wonders in terms of boosting a home’s curb appeal, which can come in handy if a home is for sale. When yards are not well maintained though, or systems like lawn sprinkler systems are not installed, a home’s yard may become overgrown and unpleasant to the eye. If there is standing water, there may even be a mosquito control issue.

Just how valuable is landscaping, though? How can a professional landscaping company boost the value of a home? Lawn care maintenance is valuable for many reasons. Not only are homeowners more likely to get outside and enjoy their outdoor living space if the yard is well groomed, but yards that are well cared for can help boost a home’s value, especially when it comes time to sell. In fact, it is estimated that a professional landscaping company can add up to 14 percent to the resale value of a home. And it doesn’t take much to transform a yard. Spending just five percent of a home’s value on proper landscaping can result in an ROI up to 150 percent. With such big returns, it is no wonder that close to 90 percent of real estate agents across the country recommend landscaping services to their clients. After all, sellers aren’t just advertising their home. They’re also advertising the property their home sits on. In many cases, home buyers are drawn to homes that have attractive curb appeal. Pruned bushes and trees, freshly mowed grass, well maintained flower beds all go a long way when attracting home buyers.

Landscaping is also ideal for treating annoying issues that may exist in a home’s yard, such as standing water. Not all yards are level. Depending on the topography of the area, issues like standing water may cause homeowners headaches. After all, no one wants standing water in their yard. Not only does it attract mosquitos and other pests, but it may begin to smell over time. Fortunately, many landscaping companies can tackle this annoying problem with professional landscaping services. As an added bonus, many landscaping companies also specialize in lawn irrigation systems.

Is your yard lacking curb appeal? Do you have standing water that won’t go away? Contact a professional landscaping company today.

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