The Best Home Improvement Investments

Did you know that Americans spent $303 billion last year on home improvement products? It seems crazy right..? However, when you think of the value that renovations add to your home, it almost seems like a small price to pay. Think of it this way, some people remodel their homes in order to get their dream design build home. Others however, renovate their homes to increase the value, so they can sell it for more. No matter which camp you’re in, you should know about the best places in your home to renovate to increase the value.

1. Basement

While yes, some people love a good fixer upper, as a seller, you certainly aren’t going to see the money from the potential in your home, unless you unlock it. So at the end of the day, finish the basement. The basement or lower level of your home is a money maker. There is so much potential, it can be used as a game room, a kid’s room, a bar, etc.. While the person purchasing your home might have an idea of what they want in their design build basement, leaving it with just the bones is going to ultimately cost you as the seller, and the buyer more money in the long run.

2. Bathrooms

Ah yes the bathroom. A place of privacy, however, even having a super private, but outdated bathroom is going to make your home more difficult to sell. Buyers love a new looking bathroom as well as having enough. Now adding a bathroom is a large remodeling project that you might not consider unless you have a 5 bedroom home with two full baths… That seems a little light, in that case, adding even a half bath could add tremendous value to your home.

3. Kitchen

The kitchen is kind of a make or break point for a lot of homes as well as remodels. Remodeling companies will tell you that in order to pull off a successful renovation, you must weight the cost of your materials to the overall value increase. It is almost always a good idea to get a consult from your local remodeling contractors as they can provide you with good resources to help you plan out your kitchen. Now if you’re not trying to sell your house, you might be looking more at creating a budget and then planning your design build kitchen as opposed to worrying about the resale value of the home. Home remodeling can be a task, but really it is very fun and/or exciting! Contact your local contractors and get your design build in the works today!

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