Good Samaritans repair Riverview charity worker roof

A solid roof is essential. This applies to so many aspects of life, as shown in this video. The video shows a news spot about a woman in Tampa Bay, Florida who makes meals for the homeless through Thorn Ministries. From a small building in her own backyard, this Good Samaritan makes enough meals for over a hundred and fifty homeless residents every week. But when her roof began leaking in heavy rain, this put her ministry in danger.

Thankfully, in this case, her community was able to step up and help her. Another volunteer with Thorn Ministries, who worked for a building supplies company, got her job to donate supplies and labor to repair the leaking roof. The work took one day and the roof was repaired, providing a safe place to store food and clothing and allowing the woman’s work to continue. Since her work could continue with minimal interruption, this meant that people who otherwise might not be able to eat received a hot meal. This chain of good events all comes back to the necessity of a solid roof.

Roofing might not be something many people consider essential. They don’t think about the roof over their head unless there is something wrong with it. But, as the video shows, having a solid roof can mean the difference between success and failure. In this case, the roof leaking put the supplies in danger. Water damage can lead to mold and spoilage and ruin the donated clothing. There are ways to mitigate the damage somewhat with tarps or patches, but in the end, it all comes down to the roof.

Thankfully there are companies devoted to roofing. They can help homeowners and business owners to determine what their needs are, pointing out problems and solutions that the customer might not have ever considered. A good roofing company can provide prompt, professional service, repairing a roof in a way that means it will last for decades without leaks or other problems. With the roof over their head taken care of, others can focus on their own missions. Whether it be ministering to the homeless like the woman in the video or caring for their own family or business, these chains of events spread goodwill and charity in a way that they couldn’t if the participants are too focused on trying to keep their space from actively harming the mission. And it all comes back to the roof.

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