An Easy Fix for Your Garage Door Cable

One of the most basic issues with garage doors is when the cable becomes unhinged. Believe it or not, it is a rather simple garage door repair. While it may be an inconvenience at the time, this video will show you how to handle that issue going forward.

Video Source

The cable is what allows the garage door to open and close smoothly. You can see that the cable becomes unravelled when not properly secure. You’ll need a vice grip to hold the door up while fixing the cable. Next, you will want to detach the cable from the bottom fixture of the door. Then you’ll “unspin” the part f the cable that is loose.

From here, you will rewrap the cable, starting on the higher part of the drum. Once you have the cable correctly wrapped around the drum, you will then reconnect the cable on the bottom bracket of the door. After that, simply remove the vice grip and your door will be functioning just as it should! A relatively easy fix that only takes a matter of minutes.

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