How A Chiller Works

If you are interested in learning more about how a chiller works, it would be a good idea to watch this video. A chiller is a piece of machinery that is used to generate cold water. The cold water is used to provide air conditioning in buildings.

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Chillers can be located at different parts of the building, including the basement and up on the roof, although the design will often vary based on this. It produces chilled water that is involved in air conditioning and rejects heat.

The chilled water is produced in the evaporator of the chiller, where it leaves at 6 degrees Celsius. The centrifugal pump pushes the water around the building. It enters AHUs, which collect unwanted heat from around the building. Then, the heat is returned to the chiller at about 12 degrees Celsius. Once it leaves the chiller again, it will be back to 6 degrees Celsius. The heat is transferred using a refrigerant to the condenser and pushed into another circuit, where it goes into a cooling tower. The cooling tower contains a mechanism that will dissipate and reject the heat from the building. The water will then return back to the condenser in order to pick up more heat.

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