Water Treatment Plants and How They Operate

Every community needs clean and fresh water to provide a healthful environment. The fresh water has to be potable and safe to bathing and showers. It also cleans your clothes and makes your home livable. The video shows how a community water treatment system helps to deliver good water to entire communities. It also shows how badly contaminated water could be if it were not treated.

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Home Water Supplies Benefit from Filtration

Municipal water treatment systems separate chemicals and particulates from the water to produce a clean supply of fresh water. But that is just the start. The water still needs to be drinkable as well as useful for washing, cleaning, and watering the lawn. A reverse osmosis system can make water cleaner and taste better.

Many Homes Do Not Have a Municipal Water Source

Many homes get water from a well instead of a municipal system. Reverse osmosis systems work great inside homes and produce very clean water for drinking, cooking, and other tasks. They use water pressure to force the water through a series of filters that clean and could treat the water so that there are no chemicals or other contaminants getting into the home water supply.

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