Follow This Advice When Trying to Attempt Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is essential after a tree is removed so that the rotting stump does not attract insects like termites. The popular YouTube channel Mustang Rebuilder gives these tips for stump grinding.

You need to rent a chainsaw and a stump grinding machine from a hardware store in order to do the job. These are the same machines used by a stump grinding professional. You also need eye protection and earmuffs, since both chainsaws and stump grinding machines are incredibly loud.

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First, use the chainsaw to trim the bark off of the stump. Most of the stump is underground, so dig out what you can to reveal the stump. Check for rocks and remove them, because rocks can damage the machinery.
Never start grinding in the center of the stump. That can cause damage to your machine. Start at the edge, work to the middle, and stop. Move the grinder to another edge and work again to the middle.

When you rent a stump grinder, you usually can only rent it for a few hours. If you need to rent the machine for a longer period of time, it may be cheaper to just hire a stump grinding professional.

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