Install Your own Gutter Downspouts By Following These Helpful Tips

Gutters are essential to help keep water off of your roof. Good gutters can help prolong the life of your roof. Follow these tips from the popular YouTube channel Minithillbilly to install your own gutter downspouts.

Figure out where you want the wastewater to go. You can then choose aluminum gutter downspout parts to create the downspout from the gutter down to the final elbow where the water will pour out. You can buy parts in sections or buy a long section that you need to saw into the parts you need.

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The best type of saw is a 12-inch power miter. You may need to use two downspout elbows inserted into each other to go around a corner.

Use prop rivets or screws to fix the downspout to the gutter. The long pieces need to be secured with brackets. You only need two brackets for a one-story house, but you’ll need three for a two-story house.

You’ll need a pair of needlenose pliers or a five-blade crimper to crimp the bottom elbow to the rest of the downspout. Crimping simply means making indentations so it can slide more securely into the downspout. You can buy a crimper or rent it from many hardware stores.

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