How Do You Install a Living Green Wall

In this video you will learn how Andy’s green walls have tons of advantages.

Green walls are becoming more popular as a method to customize a place because of their aesthetic and environmental advantages. In addition to being employed in commercial, industrial, educational, and governmental contexts, green walls (also known as living walls) may be used in both indoor and outdoor applications.

Noise abatement and thermal insulation are two of the many advantages of green walls. People who are surrounded by plants have been proved to be happier, healthier, and more productive in studies.

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In addition to providing fresh air and moisture, green walls also assist remove contaminants from the air.

To ensure a successful green wall installation, follow these simple guidelines.

  • Allow air to flow between the building and the green wall by fastening vertical railing rails into the wall. The horizontal railing tracks may next be installed. The wall planters will eventually be attached to them.
  • Connect and test the irrigation feed to make sure the water is flowing evenly. Next, connect brackets to the irrigation feed, and then cover the irrigation feed with aluminum or wood.
  • Using the horizontal rails, insert wall planter modules into the slots and then plant your garden. Take a shower and saturate yourself with water. Watch the full video to find out.
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