What To Know For Commercial Window Installation

Learning about commercial windows installation is quite tricky and overwhelming for various people. If you don’t have any background in window installation but want to know its knowledge, here are things you need to know in commercial window installation.

Before the windows are installed, commercial window installers prepare wraps the window frame with flex-wrap to make a sill pan sloped the inside portion of the structure and cut 5-inch bevels on the window sills.

Cedar detailing is then installed from the outside of the frame to also kind of belt and suspend the windows. As a result of these few steps, the window is weathertight, sealed, and a durable window from the outside.

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Installing storefront windows is one of the most complex commercial window installers experience as they are weathertight.

Commercial window installers often don’t rely on caulk, but when there’s water intrusion, it poses a big problem not only for the installer but also for the owner of the house. But when the caulk is used, it is primarily for the aesthetics of the window frame on the outside rather than relying on caulk to make the window frame weathertight that prevents water intrusion. They also use straight flash VF to make a flange on non-flanged windows.


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