What Your Contractor Will Do For You

A general contractor is responsible for overseeing and managing the activities that happen at the construction site. Their specific duty is to supervise the work from the start until completion.

General contractors are hired by either the owner or the construction manager. A general contractor cannot do the job alone. They also hire subcontractors that can do the plumbing, electrical work, and more.

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Subcontractors are specialized to do a specific job at their level of specialties.

What are the prime duties and functions of general contractors?

GC manage the job site.

One of their utmost function is to manage the job site. Contractors ensure that subcontractors are doing their job promptly and with excellence. They also make sure that the job is running smoothly and safely.

GC hires subcontractors and manages the work.

Contractors do not do the job on their own. They ensure that subcontractors are placing every material in the right place. They also check for the quality of work and the timeliness of work on the job site.

GC also processes the permits and licenses of the job.

Contractors are also responsible for processing and getting permits and licenses. They also ensure that all are licensed and legal.

If you are into contracting or subcontracting, watch the video to learn more about it.


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