How a Home AC Works For Dummies

If you’re a homeowner, working on your AC can be a daunting task. If you move something the wrong way or screw something too tight, you may think you’ve broken something. While an air conditioner may seem complicated, it’s not as intricate as you may think. When it comes to air conditioning systems, knowing how it works is most of the battle. So the first thing to know is that your ac isn’t just pumping cold air into your home without any help.

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Your ac is also pumping out hot air. How it works is that the warm are in your room gets sucked into the air conditioner and passes through these pipes that contain refrigerant. If this sounds familiar, there’s a reason behind that. Refrigerant is also the fluid that is used in your refrigerator. As the hot air passes through these pipes, the air gets instantly cold. Then a fan in the ac unit blows out the cold air. Here’s the thing though, why does the ac need to suck in hot air to work? As the cold air settles to the ground, by the time it hits the ground it’s already warm again. In order to keep your home sufficiently cool, that cycling process is essential to keep the hot air out.

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