The Cost of a New Roof

How Much Does A New Roof Cost? When it comes to re-roofing projects, the first consideration to make is if your insurance company is going to be part of the re-roof project and payment for the same. This is because there is how much roofers charge and what the insurance thinks it actually costs.

Other factors also contribute in increasing or reducing the average cost of your roof. But if your insurance is covering the re-roof project, then there are few things to keep in mind.

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  • Your Deductible: It’s your responsibility as the homeowner to pay your deductibles
  • Upgrades: These are costs you’ll have to bear, but your insurance company is going to cater for that.
  • Homeowners maintenance issues like rotted deck that needs to be replaced will solely be your responsibility and not the insurance company.

Here are something’s that will affect the cost of the re-roof project.

  • Elevation Level of Your Home – You may need to install ice and water shield if your house is slightly elevated.
  • Is the Roof High or Steep? – Steep and High roof costs more to replace and repair in terms of roofers charges.
  • Is the Roof Simple or Complex? If the roof is complex, then it increases the amount of labor and takes time to install.
  • Is Your Roof Huge or Tiny – Complex and large roof will increase the cost, but if it is tiny, it’s going to decrease from the average cost.


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