What You Should Look For in a Roofers Contract

This video talks about roofing contracts and what a person should look for in a contract for roof repair. The first thing the speaker in the video discusses is that the prospective client should compare at least three companies before selecting one. The individual should also check all the references for those companies and look at any work examples they can provide.

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The estimate should be a part of the contract. It should outline precisely the work the contractors will do, and it should include the cost of the labor and the price of the materials.

The client should also gather information about any warranty on the materials. The warranties on such materials are usually the manufacturer’s responsibility and not the roofers, but the individual needs to gather information about them anyway.

The contract should include a schedule with workdays and estimated start and end dates. It should also outline what will happen if any delays occur. That way, the client’s expectations won’t be off-base.

Another thing the contract should specify is who will be responsible for cleaning up the area or resolving issues in which items become damaged. Having the contract details correct can make the entire process smoother and more pleasant.

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