2022 Curtains Trends!

With a new year comes plenty of new styles and trends in the home decorating sphere! New home styles, paint combos, and furniture designs are coming out every day. It can be hard to keep up with it all! You may want to completely re-do every room in your house, or just your spare bedroom. The use of windows is extremely important when it comes to making a room look larger, smaller, brighter, or darker. Clearly, curtains and blinds are the easiest way to completely change your rooms look on a budget! Check out this video with the trendiest designs for curtains and blinds in 2022!

This year, you can expect to see people leaning towards the neutral tones in their curtains, as well as semi-transparent materials. There is a big push towards simpler, more elegant curtains this year and patterns are definitely on their way out.

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Look to swap out your 90s prints with some simple delicate browns or greys to match your rooms decor. A big trend this year is the vertical semi-transparent blinds. These offer some light into the room while dulling it enough to prevent eye strain, and are sure to match any room’s style.


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