Everything You Need to Know About Frameless Glass Doors

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Frameless glass doors give your home a sleek and modern look. If you’re considering installing these types of doors into your home, you probably have a few questions. This video will take a look at the most common questions about frameless glass doors.

Durability Against Weather

Frameless glass doors may look delicate, but don’t let their appearance fool you. In between the layers of strong glass are translucent weather strips that help insulate your home and keep UV rays out.

Width When Open

This depends on the size of your home. Frameless glass doors can be fully customized to fit the needs of your home. Generally, they are never wider than 34-35 inches.


Tempered and laminated glass are both used in the manufacturing of frameless glass doors. These glasses are similar to the glass found on the windshield of your automobile. Put together, the glass layers and weatherstrip are about half an inch thick.

Lower Track Width

The bottom track can come in a few different sizes depending on your needs. They are usually either two and a quarter inches tall and one and three-quarters inches wide, or a lower profile option that’s one and a quarter inches tall and one and three-quarters inches wide.

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