How Air Conditioning Works

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If you have air conditioning in your home, you are probably relieved during the summer months because of the comfort it generates. But how does it work exactly? And what can go wrong that requires AC service? This video explains the basics of air conditioning in homes.

There are a few main components that play a role in cooling a home. There is a condensing unit that goes outside of the home. It contains the condenser, compressor, and fan. There is a thermostat in the home that controls the AC system. There is an evaporator on the interior of the home with a metering device and blower motor.

The thermostat will signal to the AC unit to start when the temperature gets above a set point. Refrigerant will pump through the system to absorb the heat and bring it to the condenser outside. The condenser then sends the refrigerant through the compressor which expels the heat outside.

The evaporator gets cool air created and the blower motor pumps it through ductwork and into your home. If anything goes wrong with any of these processes, than you need to call an AC service.

For more information, watch the video in the link above.

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