Helpful Tip for Conducting the Best Pole Barn Builder Work

In this video presented by Paul from Smart Easy, viewers learn how to set up posts for a pole barn. The best part is that it doesn’t seem that hard. For things to work out just fine, the hole for the pole has to be the right size. Paul emphasizes that installers wouldn’t want to end up with a wonky pole barn. So, he recommends using crushed gravel and a plate tamper.

Video Source

Doing so keeps the post in place.

Setting up the posts

Props and braces are also a must. That’s why Paul used them to hold the post. Another thing is that it’s vital to brace corner posts in both directions. Before doing that, lifting it a few times is necessary just to make sure it’s settled in properly. The real trick lies in setting it back on the previous post to hold the end. It’s also doable to try bi-directional twisting to make sure it’s perfectly square.

Key takeaways

So, this best pole barn builder video shows just how important it is to make sure the poles settle in nicely. And crushed gravel goes to the bottom of the hole. But it can only go in there with a sheet tamping. Another thing is the additional screw in the bracket. With that in place, there’s no chance that the pole will fall.


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