Basic Roof Repairs

roof repairs

Roof repairs can be a tricky situation to deal with. As shown in this video, some jobs are all about keeping water from getting inside a home. It shows what to do if there is a leak to both find and repair the broken area.

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The first thing the presenter says to do is perform a visual check of the roof. She then identifies a shingle that has a big chunk missing from it. She shows how to use tools to get under the shingles around the problem one to remove it. She identifies the tar strip and explains that the person repairing needs to make sure that part of the old shingle gets removed.

Frequently, what is holding the shingle down is one or more staples. With some basic tools, a person can remove the staples from the shingle and then simply slide the shingle out. If cut to the right size, a new shingle can be put in the same spot and then sealed in with either staples or galvanized roofing nails. The staples or nails go in the tar strip to help seal it in place. Roofing cement can then be used on the shingles around the new one.

This is just one type of repair demonstrated in this video. The presenter shows a few more that will give any homeowner the confidence to take care of leaks. However, for those who aren’t as keen to DIY their roofing, experts are just a call away.


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