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Is Your Air Conditioner A Throwback From The 70s? Read This

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In general you’re a summer kind of person, but after getting your last energy bill, you found yourself glaring at the wood paneled air conditioner from the 1970′s and hoping for a Florida snow miracle. You’re not alone; the energy consumed by home air conditioners has doubled between the early 90′s and today, and this price tag is only growing exponentially. What’s more, snow, sleet, and low temperatures aren’t going to be visiting Florida any time soon. That doesn’t mean there aren’t a few things you can do to make your air conditioning more efficient. Consider the steps below:
1. Hire an AC contractor and switch to high efficiency air conditioning. You may not have noticed, but your old wood paneled contraption is woefully out of date.

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The Best Well Digging Services Provide Safe Drinking Water

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We live in a world that is sometimes divided into two categories–the “haves” and the “have nots.” No where is this more apparent than in the division between people who do, and the people who do not, have access to fresh water. In times of extreme drought in America, we get a glimpse of of what water shortage is like.

Fortunately for us, Americans live in a country where access to clean drinking water is almost a given. We are able to use water to keep ourselves hydrated, cook our food, and produce our crops. Extended drought in specific areas of our country can limit that state or region’s farming and industries, but it is our good fortune that we have many processes in place to obtain clean drinking water. As indicated by our country’s usage rates, we are fortunate. Did you know, for example, that

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3 Little-Known Advantages of Getting an AC Maintenance Plan

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With about two in three American households relying on air conditioners, it’s clear that keeping our homes cool is more of a necessity than a luxury during the summer months.

And our air conditioners are usually great at keeping us cool — at least, until, the unit breaks down unexpectedly because you didn’t anticipate anything wrong with your system.

To help protect against this downtime, however, a growing number of homeowners are opting to enroll in AC maintenance plans, which offer regularly-scheduled maintenance and repair services at a flat monthly or yearly fee.

Are AC maintenance plans the right choice f

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Tile Floor Restoration Requires Professional Care

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Few things are as frustrating as a bathroom or kitchen tile floor that just won’t come clean. If your tile floors still look dingy and dirty even after you have spent hours scrubbing and cleaning, maybe it is time for tile floor restoration or replacement in your home.

Instead of wasting your time cleaning services that are dated and unsanitary, why not have a professional install the newest surface that provides easier maintenance and a more modern look? Ceramic tile, for example, accounted for 12.5% of total U.S. floor coverings sales of the $18.76 billion spent in 2012. Flooring decisions can have a huge impact on the resale value of your home and on the maintenance it requires. Considering current flooring trends can often help you make the best decision for your new home or your remodeling

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What Kind Of Custom Wood Kitchen Cabinets Should You Buy?

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Few house renovations look as stunning as a remodeled kitchen. Custom wood kitchen cabinets can add a new vigor to your cooking space with additional functionality to boot (you’re not the only one tired of cramped tupperware cabinets!). The best custom cabinets combine personalized craftsmanship with quality materials and marry beautifully with other kitchen furniture like islands, wine racks and drawers. Even better is the ease of installation for both the do-it-yourself type and on-the-go worker! So what are you waiting for? Let’s go over the benefits of custom wood kitchen cabinets and how you can turn your kitchen into the dream you’ve always wanted.

The U.S. Cabinet and Vanity Indu

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