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Three Reasons Why Your Windows May Need a Makeover

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Windows provide us with a look to the outdoors; this makes any home seem larger, more inviting, and warmer to guests and residents alike. At the same time, windows can also cause a number of issues from energy loss to security risks for homes. These are three reasons why homeowners should turn their attention to their windows.

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Burglars and hurricanes have two things in common: their careless disregard for whatever may happen to stand in their way. Windows are often the weakest part of any home and can easily be destroyed. Upgrading to high-impact windows can protect homeowners from burglars and natural disasters as such windows are typically able to withstand category 5 conditions; many have been tested to withstand an attack from a 2×4 travelling as fast as 30 miles pe

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Auto Shut Off Stove Features Prevent Kitchen Fires

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The memories of the Swedish pancakes are vivid. One of the best parts of waking up at grandma?s house was knowing that your favorite breakfast would be waiting. The batter was always mixed the night before: three eggs, two cups of milk, one cup of flour. So thin, the mixture needed to be refrigerated over night and would have been called crepes by most people. The thinness also meant that the preferred way to eat the pancakes was to fold them in half and them roll them into a tube, never forgetting to include some butter and homemade syrup before you roll.

Those are the good memories.

The scary memories are as haunting as the good memories are vivid.

Some mornings the breakfast eaters would not wake up to the smell of pancakes, but to the smell of smoke and the sound of the home fire alarm

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What is an HVAC System?

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HVAC is the acronym for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, which are the three functions that are normally combined into on system for homes and buildings alike. Heating and cooling systems send air through a system of ducts that will be distributed to the rooms of your building or home to create a set temperature. An HVAC system is the most commonly used system for commercial and residential heating and air conditioning as it is the most convenient and quiet system available.
HVAC systems systems use more energy than any other system in your home, including plumbing. In fact, more than 15% of a home’s average annual energy bill is from the air conditioning systems that cost about $375 annually. This affect the 85% of home in the United States who have these systems.
Energy efficiency of HVAC s

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The Three Important Reasons Windows Should Be Regularly Maintained

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Windows are the most important, most defining aspect of house?s structure. Many of us take their presence for granted and what they can offer in terms of lighting, energy efficiency- even safety! There are so many different kinds of choose from in terms of these varied interests, from thermally broken steel windows, to metal windows, to hot rolled steel windows and so on, each one offering something different in terms of protection. Knowing how and why to keep windows updated and maintained goes a bit beyond common knowledge. The following information breaks down the importance of being mindful of one’s windows and offers ways to get the most out of window maintenance.

1. Security

In today’s world we are all hyper aware of criminal activity and the frightening da

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The Importance of Air Conditioning Repair Services

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Just how important is your local air conditioning repair service? The HVAC company industry is actually probably a lot bigger than you expect, but it’s definitely one of those home repair industries that you really depend on.

If you aren’t sure what we mean here, consider the following facts:

  • It’s estimated that around 66% of all homes in the U.S. today have air conditioners, and air conditioning units use up about 5% of all the electricity produced in the U.S.
  • This amounts to a total of $11 billion in air conditioning costs — just in one country!
  • High-efficiency air conditioning units are becoming more popular, luckily, which is a huge benefit in ter

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