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Your Energy Bill i Not the Boss of You

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Many of us go through our lives and do our best to pay our bills. The bills come in, and we try our best to pay them, but sometimes we let things go on far too long before we take any kind of action.

Often we do not know what to do about certain bills. We just figure that they are what they are and there juts isn’t anything that we can do to change the way things are. When it comes to you electric service company, however, there are things we can all do to make sure we are maximizing our ability to keep the prices of our bills as low as we can.

The first thing we need to do when we are looking at our electric utility bills is to do an energy comparison between what we use now and what we would be using and spending if we went with another Learn more ...

Is it Time to Replace Your Home’s Roof?

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Is it time to replace your roof? It can be difficult to identify when it is time for a full roof replacement. You have probably made repairs, upgrades, or even installed a new roof over top of the old one. However, even with repairs, roofs require full replacements every 10 to 40 years. With such a large span of years, how can you know when it is time to fully replace your roof?

Length of time since last install
One way to gauge when it is time to fully replace a roof is by paying attention to time. How long has it been since your original roof was installed? It is possible that you do not have this information, as most people purchase homes with previous owners. You can still obtain this information by looking at your purchase papers or working with Learn more ...

Take Care of Your AC and It Will Take Care of You

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If you live in an area with high temperatures during the summer, you don’t want to find yourself suddenly without the use of your home air conditioner. Though there are things that can happen that are out of your control, making sure you perform air conditioning maintenance will help lessen the chances that your air conditioner will break down and leave you with the need for air conditioner repair. Most air conditioners will last 10-15 years or even longer if they are well maintained. Here are some important maintenance tasks to do to help take care of your air conditioner and lessen the chances that it will break down and leave you looking for someone to do air cond

Learn more ...

Do You Have an Upcoming Home Remodeling Project?

Mosaic glass wall tiles

You asked the design team for color, Color, COLOR and when you showed them the gorgeous rug you had already selected, they knew you meant business!
You were able to make this family room personal with a mildly global vibe, by using hand-carved elephants you and your family collect on trips to India, a large globe, inlaid bone frames, and carved trays. When the design team found an appliqued elephant pillow that was a perfect match with the sofa, and you they understood the look that you were trying to achieve.
Next step: ceramic backsplash for the kitchen!
Home Remodeling Projects Can be Both Fun and Frustrating
Whether you are looking for a ceramic backsplash for the kitchen or you are in search of the perfect Learn more ...

Renovating? Upgrade with Better Quality Flooring

Authentic hardwood floors

When engaging in home improvements, new flooring is often at the top of the list. Whether homeowners are choosing to install authentic hardwood floors, lush carpet, tile, of vinyl flooring, there are a variety of options from which to choose.

Are you looking for quality carpet for your master bedroom and other rooms in your home, for example? A recent Houzz survey showed that 44% of homeowners prefer to have carpet in their bedrooms. It was also shown that 38% of homeowners had plans to lay carpet in their master bedroom.

It’s interesting to note the results of a few Swedish studies on the benefits of carpeting. These studies suggested that carpets actually reduce, rather than contribute to, allergens. When carpet use was reduced by 70% in Sweden, there was a 30% increase in all

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