Excavation Service Safety Tips

One of the most hazardous jobs is working in an excavation service company. Excavation is about a man-made cut in the surface of the earth. One wrong step, may put workers at risk.

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So what are the safety tips when working in the excavation service industry? Read down below:

1. Planning Ahead of Time

Preplanning should always take place right before digging. This is to prevent incidents that involve mobile equipment being struck by the excavator.

2. Trenching Inspections

Leaders should always inspect the trenching to eliminate and identify hazardous conditions right before workers enter.

3. Trenching

Workers that are entering the trench or excavation of about more than five feet deep should be protected by sloping. It could also be benching, shoring, or shielding under the direction of a competent person.

4. Shoring

Hydraulic shoring can be used instead of sloping. It uses a pre-fabricated whale system from aluminum or steel, and it is known to support the face of the trench. This is designed to prevent cave-ins.

5. Shielding

This is to keep the walls from collapsing. Shielding provides protection to workers when they are inside the trench, especially when sloping can’t be used.

6. Providing a Safe Way

There should always be a safe entrance and exit way from the trench or excavation. It’s ideal if it’s about four feet deeper. You may use ramps that’s not more than 25 feet away.


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