Mother Opossum and babies removed from shed

Opossums are southern animals that are now found in Canada. As time goes by, people start to see more of them. Your backyard could become their favorite spot. In this section, you will learn interesting facts about Opossum removal and their babies.

1. Opossums Giving Birth

Opossums can give birth to as many as 20 babies.

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However, only a few of the babies could survive. Other babies can’t even make it.

2. Understanding Opossums

They are like kangaroos and marsupial in Northern America, which means they have their babies born in their pouch. Their babies crawl immediately into the pouch of their mother so they could continue to grow and develop.

3. Growing Opossum Babies

As their babies grow big, they will go in and out of their mother’s pouch. There are also times when they ride on the backs of their mother when she hunts for food to eat.

4. Great Climbers

Opossums are known for their back paws that are webbed and have big gaps so they could hang off the trees and wrap around branches. Yes, they spend most of their time in trees.

5. Opossum Removal

Opossum removal should be done by highly trained technicians only. It should not be done at home, for Opossums are not pets, and accessing their den can be dangerous. You need professionals for opossum removal from the shed.


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