How Exactly is a Water Well Drilled

This video talks about well drilling companies and everything that’s involved with drilling a well for customers. The speaker talks about having the water truck on the driver’s side of the rig and how it is not a priority, but it’s a wise practice just in case the well goes deep.

The first step in the well-drilling process is getting all the trucks in the right position so that everything else can be set up appropriately.

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Some blocks are placed on the ground to prevent craters from forming first. The workers usually put three blocks down on each side of the site.

The next part of the process involves laying down the access platforms that the workers will sit on and getting those straight so that the job can begin. The ideal setup, as stated earlier, is to have the water truck right by the other rig so that the water can flow to it. There are usually about 50 to 60 feet of hose available for areas that do not have the ideal setup.

Grabbing a stand for the pipe to sit on is the next step before getting started with the heavy work. The video goes through the process in a more comprehensive manner.

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